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19 апреля 2019 года
In order to preserve the benefits for the vessel for full exemption from customs payments within the framework of temporary import, the vessel must be owned by a foreign shipowner, be transferred to the charter to a Russian charterer, who is obliged to operate it personally for international transportation.
18 апреля 2019 года
In the course of a study of the legal services market in Russia, carried out by experts of the Kommersant business publication, Inmarine was included in the list of the best law firms.
31 августа 2018 года
From 31 January 2019, foreign owners of vessels will be given the opportunity to obtain the right to sail under the State Flag of the Russian Federation.
19 июля 2018 года
Pravo 300_eng The English version of the national rating "Pravo 300" became available.
24 марта 2018 года
Successfully completed support for the sale of a Volga-Balt type vessel with registration under the new rules.
02 сентября 2016 года
The arrest of a seagoing ship, as a measure to ensure the claim doesn’t imply its removal and transfer to custody