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Ploshad Morskoy Slavy, 1, office 5059, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199106

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Freight and transportation of cargoes

Chartering of vessels is a professional activity in search of a vessel and conclusion of a contract of carriage by sea and / or charter with the shipowner that meets the requirements of the charterer and the conditions of carriage by sea - the nomination of the vessel.

Freight ship - what do cargo owners face?

As a rule, owners, consignors and consignees of cargo, when it comes to chartering a ship for transportation, face a significant number of organizational and legal issues:

  1. How to find a vessel, a shipowner with a favorable freight rate?
  2. Which charter of sea vessels to choose (which pro forma)?
  3. How to reduce the risk of delayed arrival at loading / unloading?
  4. Under what conditions will the chartering of a ship fail to create losses under the main supply contract (contract)?
  5. Choose Russian or foreign shipowner?

It is obvious that the chartering of vessels requires extensive knowledge, connections in shipping, as well as the resolution of many organizational and legal nuances of cargo transportation, which can take considerable time in the absence of sufficient capabilities and knowledge.

Professional marine mediation services.

Inmarine is a professional maritime intermediary - a broker for chartering ships, helping cargo owners to charter a ship in St. Petersburg and other ports of Russia, with the provision of a comprehensive service for the full organization of cargo transportation, including the following services:

  • Quotation and selection of the best reasonable freight rate;
  • Search for vessels for the transportation of goods and passengers to Russian and foreign ports and ground port points;
  • Search for cargo for ships in an open position;
  • Detailed development and organization of the process of cargo transportation, including delivery to the port of loading and hauling from the port of unloading;
  • Selection of insurance coverage and organization of cargo insurance;
  • Drawing up a charter, contract of carriage of cargo, bill of lading;
  • Organization of stevedore services and surveyor inspection;
  • Monitoring and control of cargo transportation;
  • Establishing the real location of the vessel in real time using AIS systems, VTS, information from agents, port authorities and other persons;
  • Legal protection and representation of the interests of the charterer / cargo owner in relations with the shipowner.

Advantages of applying to a ship broker - marine intermediary

  1. Organization and production of transportation in strict accordance with the needs of the charterer, expressed in a written assignment . Professional maritime mediation services are rendered by Inmarin LLC on the basis of an order under the sea mediation contract signed by the principal (charterer) to the sea broker and determining all essential parameters of chartering. This ensures that the charter meets the requirements of the charterer and the actual conditions of carriage of the goods.
  2. Sea chartering on exclusive conditions from shipowners . Acting on behalf of the charterer on behalf of and at the expense of the charterer, the sea broker provides the principal (charterer) exclusive offers from a wide range of shipowners who are not in the open market, since the intentions of the participants of the common marine company are documented.
  3. Consideration of legal aspects when concluding and agreeing a charter of ships and / or contract of carriage by sea . Inmarine ship brokers have a high confirmed qualification not only in the field of transport management and shipping, but also jurisprudence, which allows you to manage the legal risks of chartering a vessel, minimize the consequences of delays and eliminate the occurrence of uncompensated damages.

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